How to Store Watches When Not in Use

How to Store Watches When Not in Use

We’re looking into the different ways you can store your watches when they’re not on your wrist including our handmade watch boxes, travel cases, and valet trays.
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If you have a collection of watches, chances are, you spent a lot of money building them up. One watch can be costly, but if you own multiple and like to switch up when you wear them, you’re going to need a safe place to house them when they’re not placed on your wrist.

Here at Transform, this is where our expertise lies. We have an extensive range of men’s accessory storage. So, whether you’re looking for a valet tray to proudly display your timepieces or a watch roll that will safely transport your watches from A to B – we’ve got you covered.

We’re looking into how you can store your watches when they’re not in use, whilst explaining why safe storage is essential for the upkeep and maintenance of your watch; providing you with a wide range of options depending on your preferences and style.


Why You Should Store Your Watches Safely When They’re Not in Use

Regardless of monetary value, watches are unique and special to each individual - there could be sentimental value attached to a timepiece, or it might have been a gift to yourself. However much your watches are worth to you, it’s important to keep them safe and protected when they’re not in use. If they are left loose in a drawer, they could contact other jewellery and get scratched or tangled (depending on the wrist strap of your watch). Additionally, if they are not kept in the same place, you could misplace your watch – whether it slides down the back of a side table or gets lost in a forgotten bag, that’s a potentially costly loss. Finally, if you share a home, or you like to keep your watches at work, for example, there is a risk that they could be stolen. Keeping them locked away ensures that nobody else can get their hands on your timepieces, not only because they don’t own the key to your watch storage, but a lockable watch box could act as a deterrent for potential thieves.


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How to Store Watches When Travelling

If you travel often and like to take more than one watch with you, ensuring you have the appropriate casing is essential for keeping them safe and protected on the journey. You need a lightweight, durable watch travel case. We have a variety of travel cases to choose from, so you can select the one that’s right for you depending on your style preferences and the number of watches you wish to take with you on your travels. Our Solo Explorer is a single watch case, perfect for those who have a dress watch and a sports watch, for example. It’s simple yet effective and designed with a hard outer shell and cushioned foam interior, so your watch is secured, no matter how bad the turbulence gets. If the thought of your accessories crashing around your suitcase on a plane makes you nervous, you should choose a travel case for watches from our fantastic range here at Transform.


The hero watch roll, a great travel case for watches


How to Display Your Watches When They’re Not in Use

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off a little, in fact, we encourage it. If you have a collection of beautiful watches, then they deserve to be shown off, even when they’re not on your wrist. This is where our handmade watch boxes come in. Designed to protect your timepieces with their soft cushioned interior and a choice of durable polished carbon or wooden exterior. We have various sizes and styles depending on your collection, carrying up to 10 watches and any other of your chosen accessories with their handy storage trays. The glass top is the icing on the cake for our 6 slot watch box – giving you the ability to browse your collection of up to six watches without needing to unlock the box. If you’re looking for men's jewellery storage alongside your watches, then nothing could be more perfect than our LDN IV - offering additional  housing to rings, necklaces and bracelets. Make a statement in your dressing room and choose a watch box from Transform.



How Transform Can Help You Store Your Watches Safely

As well as our incredible men’s watch storage solutions discussed, we have plenty more on our website. If you’re looking for something simple and lightweight that you can use as both a travel case and at home in a drawer or on a dressing table, why not try our Saffiano Leather Watch Roll? The black leather exterior effortlessly complements the royal blue suede interior, storing and protecting your watches in style. Searching for something like this, but with a greater watch capacity then our Stealth X watch travel case will be the go to.


We hope that you have found this blog informative, and you have a clearer understanding of the options to storing your watches when they’re not in use. Whether you choose one of our handmade watch boxes or our sleek watch rolls, we have everything you need in one place. If you have any questions about our products, or you’d like some expert advice on which of our men’s watch storage solutions is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch - our helpful team are more than happy to answer your queries.