Collection: Watch Travel Cases

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Designed for a man with a busy life, our handmade watch and accessory cases are perfect for those who travel in style. Produced by a team of men’s accessory storage experts who understand that protecting your fineries is essential – each product is quality-checked to ensure that they meet the high Transform standards.

Whether you’re going on holiday, a business trip, or even moving house, a watch travel case is guaranteed protection for your timepieces and accessories as their sturdy and durable exterior is accompanied by a cushioned interior.

Choose a single watch box if you’re going on a short trip and only need to pack lightly, or opt for a watch travel case with multiple compartments if you prefer to have a selection of watches while you’re away. Available in a range of designs and colourways, our luxury watch cases are a must-have for anyone who appreciates quality alongside a sleek aesthetic.

Transform’s travel watch boxes are essential in any man’s life, so if you’re browsing for yourself, why not pick one out for a loved one as well? They make the perfect gift due to their luxurious design and incredible durability – guaranteed to become a lifelong travel partner and a must-have whenever you find yourself on the move.

Also included in our travel cases collection is our range of watch rolls for men. Save space and protect your timepieces with our luxury watch rolls. Handcrafted and quality-checked to ensure perfection, these watch rolls are like none other on the market.

Perfect for those who appreciate clean lines and minimalism, these watch rolls provide a handy storage solution for all your favourite pieces. They can be easily rolled out to display your watches or tidied away and neatly stored in a drawer when not in use.

With Transform’s fantastic range of colourways and designs, you’re guaranteed to find the watch roll that complements your collection perfectly.