The Best Sports Watches for 2022

The Best Sports Watches for 2022

We’re taking a look at some of our favourite sports and fitness watches for 2022 as well as how Transform can help you house your watches, particularly while on the move.
Person checking their heartrate on a sports watch


January is the most popular time of the year for fitness. Whether you’re an avid gym-goer, you prefer being up mountains or diving deep into the ocean, the new year is a great time to start getting active, and many people do, thanks to their resolutions. That is why, in today’s blog, we’re taking a look at the best sports watches to help you with your fitness journey in 2022. We’re exploring some of the biggest and best names in the watch industry and seeing how they compare to one another in a range of categories to help you decide which watch is right for you. Additionally, if you’re considering a new watch to add to your collection, we offer a wide variety of men’s watch storage solutions to house them safely and aesthetically. Finally, if you’re on the move a lot, then consider a watch travel case – perfect for slipping your sports watch off and swapping it for a dress watch in the evenings.


Best Outdoor Fitness Watches

If you love being outdoors and making the most of nature, an outdoor fitness watch is an essential purchase to ensure that you’re keeping track of your goals and following your progress accurately. Because of this, if you’re thinking of adding an outdoor fitness watch to your collection, you must make sure that it has an accurate GPS tracker. There is a long list of reasons why a GPS tracker is a great feature to have on a watch. Their tracking capabilities are fantastic and help you monitor your running routes completely hands-free. Additionally, there are plenty of health benefits, including heart-rate monitoring and breathing tracking. An outdoor fitness watch you should keep your eye out for in 2022 is the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Multisport GPS Watch. Not only does it monitor your heart rate, breathing, oxygen levels, and sleep, but it has incredible navigation functions allowing you to track your routes, your pace, and so much more.


The Latest and Greatest Water Sports and Diving Watches

If you prefer to burn your calories in the water, a water or diving watch is a fantastic investment. The Garmin Forerunner 945 is an excellent choice as it’s stylish and packed full of incredible features perfect for swimmers and divers. It’s waterproof up to 50 metres, has integrated GPS, a heart-rate monitor function that works underwater, and excellent swimming tracking tools. We recommend having a watch such as the Garmin Forerunner 945 dedicated to water sports only, which is where a watch travel box from Transform would come in handy. If you’re often moving from place to place in search of the best diving spots, then you need a travel case to protect your timepiece. Explore our collection to find the perfect case for you.


Man checking his sports watch after a run


Cycling Watches to Look Out For

If you’re on the hunt for a great cycling watch, you need to look out for one with long battery life. The last thing you want is to be halfway through a bike ride just to discover that you’re not tracking your progress because your watch has no power. We recommend the Polar Grit X, as not only will it look stylish on your wrist and in your watch boxes, but it’s also perfect for long leisurely bike rides, cycling training sessions, and even days on the exercise bikes in the gym. If you’re out and about, then you’ll make use of its 40-hour battery life while the GPS and HR are enabled. However, for days spent inside, switching off the GPS will provide you with seven days worth of usage before it needs charging.


Most Versatile Watches

If you prefer something you can wear on a quick run before hopping in the shower and heading out to dinner, perhaps an Apple Watch would be the best fitness watch for you? They’re one of the most well-known and popular brands and often appear at the top of the list for their fitness tracking abilities and health features. The latest model is the Apple Watch Series 7 and is the most advanced in its collection in terms of health and wellness. It includes apps such as the Blood Oxygen app and ECG app, which made headlines upon their release. What makes Apple Watches stand out is that they’re incredibly versatile in terms of style. Not only can you choose from a range of case materials, but you have an endless list of wrist straps to choose from and can customise the watch face to any image you like. If this sounds like the watch for you, consider a leather valet tray from Transform. As well as protecting a couple of watches at a time, they include accessory storage compartments that you can utilise for your other precious jewellery, technology, or valuable and sentimental items.


Man carrying his watches in a leather watch travel case


How Transform Can Help You Protect Your Watches

Choosing the proper protection for your watches is one of the essential steps in ensuring their longevity. If you don’t look after your timepieces, they’re much more likely to collect scratches, dents, and breakages. Here at Transform, we want you to get the most out of your timepieces, especially if you need them for tracking sports performance and helping you reach your goals. Whether you have a different watch for each sport you play or train in, or you’re the latter person described in this blog and prefer to keep your collection small – we have watch storage for you. Aesthetics and style are important to us, which is why we designed our range of handmade watch boxes and watch travel cases with our high standards in mind. We hope that this blog has been helpful, and you now feel ready to go out and choose the watch that will support your fitness journey the best in 2022. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for additional watch advice or more information on any of our products – we’re always more than happy to help.