The Ultimate Men's Watch Box Gift Guide

The Ultimate Men's Watch Box Gift Guide

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So you’ve come to this page because you’re unsure what gift to get him right? Whether it’s a gift for Christmas, his birthday or an anniversary, trust me when I say you’ve come to the right place. We know that men can be hard to buy for, which is why we made this gift guide - so that you can get him a present he’ll love.

The best gift for watch lovers

Whether he’s an avid watch collector or maybe he just owns a few fashion watches, he’ll need somewhere to keep them. So, we’ve been there; watches spread across the beside table, lost in draws or broken after getting crushed or knocked off tables. Transform provide the best U.K watch storage boxes, in a range of shapes and sizes to tailor to his collection. If he’s got a large watch collection then something like the 8 slot watch box - Carbo Coal is a must. With 8 pillows for his watches along with a drawer for any accessories including spare straps storage, spare link storage and space for jewellery. This, along with the Carbo blanc is also a lockable watch box, making them perfect for keeping watches protected from prying hands. If watch storage is all you’re looking for, then look to our London Collection. For a medium size collection, our 6 slot watch box, the LDN 6. For a smaller collection, our LDN 3 makes the perfect compact 3 slot watch box.

By the way, don’t forget that our boxes aren’t actually exclusive to watches. The design of our pillows enables them to also be wrapped with a mens necklace, bracelet or simply slide over a bangle to store a multitude of accessories.

The best gift for mens jewellery lovers

So we’ve been here too, year after year getting bought jewellery for a gift. Which is fine, but it gets a bit repetitive. The worst part - “where the hell do I store all this jewellery?” - Ollie. Well, that’s where our expertise lies. Unlike other watch box retailers, we accommodate for jewellery. Check out the LDN IV, the perfect mens watch jewellery box designed by Ollie at Transform. A 4 watch box with space made available for jewellery storage including multi level pillows perfect for storing cuff links, rings and earrings.

If pure mens jewellery storage is what you’re after then look to our Parvus Dolor. A compact mens jewellery box that neatly organises earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

The best gift for guys that have everything

So maybe he’s got a bit of everything; smart watches, dress watches, jewellery, AirPods, the list can be infinite (just like the capabilities of our handmade valet trays). “My girlfriend is forever telling me off for loosing my phone, keys and jewellery - it’s not my fault!” - Joe.

So if he’s that fashionable guy, who’s a bit cluttered and messy take a look at our LDN II. This mens organiser tray, designed none other than by Joe himself, has two watch pillows, a compartment for a wallet, keys and accessories. Not only that, but this wooden valet tray also has a space to store your phone with a hidden compartment right underneath for expensive mens necklaces.

The perfect gift for a man who travels with watches

Watches stuffed into socks within suitcases, jewellery lost or tangled in bags, leaving us distraught at destination.

The answer a watch travel case from Transform. Check out our stealth II, a 2 slot watch case that also has the capability of storing jewellery with a built in compartment. If it’s a bigger collection that requires protection, look no further than the Stealth X. A carbon finished, 10 slot watch case which was designed with built in shock absorption and impact resistant casing.

So there you have it, the ultimate watch box gift guide. Take a look through our amazing products and if you have any other questions be sure to get in touch.