A Brief History of Timepieces

A Brief History of Timepieces

The first spring-driven clocks date back to the 15th century, and the 16th century saw the advent of watches that could be worn by the owner. So, luxury watches are not exactly new. However, they've significantly evolved in the past five hundred years and, now, we have world-class brands creating pieces made through the latest technology and from high-end materials.

In this article, we're taking a look at some of the big names you can wear on your wrist, highlighting their origins and why you should consider one for your collection!

Hugo Boss

The brand, founded in 1924, is known for selling a great deal of items, from perfume to clothing and, of course, watches. Hugo Boss' headquarters are still in Stuttgart, in Germany, having started out after the country went through an economic depression – this had a big impact on the company, which had to essentially start over in 1931 and fight to become the titan of the fashion industry it is today.

Hugo Boss took inspiration from the sports world to create wristwatches that became an immediate success. They started being sold in the 80s and had a lot of personality, which people were looking for. Their pieces also matched their clothing, allowing fans of the brand to create complete outfits.

You can find many different watches from the brand, from elegant ladies' pieces to more rugged watches suitable for the outdoors. You also get chronographs and other complications, making Hugo Boss watches perfect for watch collectors and people who want to get value for their money.


Everyone knows the name 'Casio'. This is one of the world's most famous brands and with good reason, Casio has been a household name since it released its first watch in 1974. Casio was founded in 1946 in Japan and manufactured calculators and mechanical parts, but their watches also became a hit.

Durable and high-quality, the timepieces were also innovative and fashionable and sold quickly. Casio specialised in quartz watches that ran electronically, and, at the time, the pieces were seen as revolutionary.

Today, Casio continues to manufacture affordable watches that offer all the precision, durability and style fans are looking for.


The company was launched in 1989 under the name ProNav, which later changed to Garmin. Since then, the brand has had a finger in a lot of pies, from aviation and automotive to sports and watchmaking. 

Garmin watches are made for people who love to explore the outdoors, whether they're climbing mountains or diving in the ocean. If you'd like such a watch, then our travel watch box is perfect for keeping your piece safe when you're not using it.

The Garmin name is synonymous with technology, reliability, accuracy and durability, as well as innovation. In 1989, Garmin invented GPS-powered navigation and around 1991, they began using the new technology in the US military.

Over the years, Garmin refined their skills and created their first watches around 2003. Today, the brand is renowned for pieces that synch with other devices, such as smartwatches that link to smartphones and provide fitness information for swimmers, runners, cyclers, etc.

Christopher Ward

The company's story started in 2004 after three British friends decided to launch a business together. After falling in love with the world of horology, they decided to create a brand that would offer "the cheapest most expensive watches in the world" – in other words, they wanted to provide good value for money for anyone looking for a high-quality, high-performance piece.

The company became Christopher Ward because the co-founders believed this was the most quintessential English name, and, in 2005, the first online-only watch brand was launched. Christopher Ward had two models, the C5 Malvern Automatic and the C3 Malvern Chronograph, and, while at first they didn't experience the success they hoped for, sales soon picked up, and the brand became renowned in the watch world for their affordable yet quality, pieces.

In 2014, Christopher Ward created their own in-house movement, the Calibre SH21.


The Swiss brand was launched in 1853 in Le Locle by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot. At first, Tissot created pocket, pendant and complication watches, but they have had huge success manufacturing and selling wristwatches too.

They have a presence in more than 160 countries and are part of the Swatch Group. The company has been official timekeepers for many sports events over the years, with its first partnership being a ski race in 1938, in Villars-sur-Ollon.

Tissot is known for not shying away from unconventional materials, such as plastic, wood and stone, as it was one of the first watchmakers to manufacture unique pieces that, nonetheless, remained high-tech and highly practical.


Hamilton is an American brand founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. However, the company is now a Swiss manufacturer in Bienne, so their motto of 'American Spirit, Swiss Precision' couldn’t be more accurate.

The watchmaker introduced its first watch in 1917 and began to service the rail industry in the US in order to reduce the number of accidents and to make sure everything was in synch. Hamilton provided the US Airmail with watches during World War I and only manufactured pieces for the military during World War II.

However, eventually, the brand started selling watches to consumers again, which are now known for their precision, reliability and prestige. You can buy Hamilton watches that are chronographs, that have GMT complications, and so much more, and their pieces are suitable for adventurers and for people who need dress watches as well.

Hamilton watches have also been featured in hundreds of Hollywood movies and games too, from Interstellar to Far Cry 6.


The Importance of Protecting Your Watches

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