Men's valet tray presented with accessories on a dressing table

How To Display Your Watches In Style

Discover all the benefits a Valet Tray from Transform can provide with our new article.

Whether you own a single luxury watch or a whole collection, you want it to last. Investing in such a luxury accessory is a statement about your personal style, but you need to make sure it's displayed correctly when you're not wearing it.

Keeping your luxury watches in the best condition possible needn't be a hassle when you can store them in a handsome men's watch box or Valet tray. Please read on to discover new ways of displaying your stunning watches in style.


Modern valet tray presented on men's dressing table


How to Display Watches At Home?

Here at Transform, we aim for innovation with our men's watch storage options; with each of our products, we work toward something practical and stylish.

A leather trinket tray is a great place to start. These are also known as catchall trays, small dedicated areas that you can use to hold any of your small treasured essentials. The downside to a trinket tray is all your items sit together, so what you save financially, you lose in organisation and protection.

A step up from this is a high-quality watch box. A watch box is an excellent way of protecting your watches. Each watch gets its place and rests on a perfectly fitted cushion just waiting to be worn again. This compact solution is essential for any watch collector. With our options ranging from 3 to 10 watches, we are confident we have something to suit your needs.

Watch boxes are great at storing your timepieces, but only the larger ones can store other items. So you need something else to display your accessories with your watches the best way. That's why as experienced producers of premium men's accessory storage, we recommend choosing the third option, a valet tray.


Why Choose a Valet Tray?

A men's valet tray is a sophisticated solution for storing your watches, phone, cufflinks or any other accessories you have. Choosing a valet tray will help you find exactly what you want and keep it in excellent condition, a far superior upgrade to the everyday bedside drawer.

The word valet comes from the title given to house servants to noblemen and lords; specifically, a valet was a 'man's servant'. These people would be dedicated to caring for their master's clothes and accessories.

A valet ensuring their master looks their best has passed from these people into our high-quality valet trays. A valet tray can not only help you organise your watches and display them, but it can also help keep them in excellent condition.

When not being used, the possibility of scratches, knocks, and other damage is more significant than you think. Therefore, as a general rule, you should always keep the faces of your watches facing up, secured and safe in a high-quality men's valet box.

The valet tray is the right storage choice for the man who takes pride in his accessories—someone who wants to take care of their precious items and have them on hand.


The London Collection Valet Tray presented with men's accessories and iPhone


London Collection Valet Tray

This is a piece from our new premium London collection. This valet tray offers a compact mix of storage for both watches and accessories of various kinds. In addition, this semi-modular valet tray allows you the choice to display your items in the best way to suit you. For example, you can line them up in a row or stack them into a neat two-slot feature to take up less space; it's entirely up to you.

The modular nature of this piece is just the first benefit you'll enjoy. Inside each module are compartments lined with the softest plush material that gives off a sense of comfort as you place your accessories in it.

This piece combines compact functionality and elegant style with its matt black exterior, hand-brushed metal opening, and hidden magnets.


The Neat Valet tray presented on a bedside table


The Neat Valet Tray

This handmade valet tray is one of our most popular products. The one-level display tray has eight special compartments for your luxury storage needs. In addition, the large rooms surrounding the smaller ones offer a storage versatility not usually seen with valet trays.

The brown and black vegan leather blend is hand-stitched around a rich cream velvet interior. Designed with longevity in mind, this piece will last as long as your collection does.


The Neat 2 valet tray on bedside table


Neat 2 Valet Tray

Measuring at 360mm X 225mm X 86mm, the Neat 2 is our most spacious valet tray. This design is for someone with an awe-inspiring collection to protect and display.

Its gorgeous vegan leather exterior surrounds six individual compartments on the top level, each designed to carefully hold your treasured possessions with its lining of grey velvet. This is then increased with more compartments hidden in a lower extendable drawer.

Each room can hold a variety of your accessories, large or small, with one section featuring a particular segment for your phone power cable to fit through so you can charge your phone whilst on display. This is a valet tray display to marvel at and would be the focus on any bedside table or coffee table.

Please visit our website or contact us online to find out more about our handmade collection of valet trays and watch boxes. Our experienced team is eager to help you find the perfect solution to your accessory storage needs