5 Reasons Why a Watch is The Best Valentine's Day Gift

5 Reasons Why a Watch is The Best Valentine's Day Gift

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For a man, a watch isn't just a timepiece. With so few accessories available, the watch has become the best fashion accessory for men to look and feel good. Don't think of it as a tool for telling the time; think of it as a standout accessory for his wardrobe.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we recommend choosing a handsome watch as a gift this year; read on to find out why.

Lady giving man a gift

Enhancing His Lifestyle

A watch isn't just an accessory for your partner's wardrobe; it also becomes an accessory for his lifestyle as well. There are many watches on the market that can help support any lifestyle. In addition, with improvements in waterproofing and durability, you can now take your watch anywhere, making a great watch a fantastic Valentine's Day gift enjoyed all year round.

But Which Watch For Which Lifestyle?

Are you buying for an athlete? Does your loved one love to spend their time exercising and improving their body? If the answer is yes, then a sports watch will be a fantastic choice. A sports watch's advantage over the standard timepiece is its various features to track fitness — features like a heart rate tracker, oxygen levels, a stopwatch and the local weather. While these can be achieved with a smartphone, most athletes will want to travel light, and having all this available on their wrist will be a joy. For more on sports watches, please read our other blog, 'The best sports watches for 2022.'

Athlete checking his sports watch

Perhaps your partner likes having extra information on hand in a watch with more prestige. The more valuable brands will differ from a standard sports watch by using chronograph subdials. A subdial is when you have multiple watch faces inside your main watch face. These can track the day or month or act as a stopwatch.

If your partner loves enjoying the nightlife, then a smartwatch could enhance it for them. They could enjoy a luxurious watch that could be the missing accessory to their favourite outfit. Or they could desire a smartwatch and have their entire phone's capabilities on their wrist at a moments notice.

One Of A Kind

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Gifting a watch can be a very personal present to someone you love. As an accessory that many men wear daily, it will constantly remind them of your relationship. You can take this further and make the watch unique with a personalised engraving.

Before presenting the watch, consider choosing to have something engraved on it. An inscription is a fantastic way to take your gift to the next level and make it a profoundly personal gesture too.

Be careful when choosing a watch to engrave. Some brands come with logos stamped into the back of the watch face or registration numbers, limiting a personal message's space.

Alternatively, you could try and have the side of the watch face engraved, but quite often, it's too thin an area.

If you fall in love with a watch that cannot be engraved, consider a personalised watch box instead. We offer silver or gold plates engraved with any personal message you wish, bringing that personal touch to your partner's watch box instead of the watch itself.

A Watch to Suit All Budgets

When browsing for your perfect Valentine's Day gift, it can seem a costly time. However, limiting yourself to one expensive gift can turn into something you'll regret with all the options available. So instead, perhaps consider multiple gifts at a less expensive cost. For example, exchange your one pricey gift for a more affordable watch, with an engraving and handmade watch box to keep it in. Bundled together as a group, these more budget-friendly gifts can create a complete package and a gift to remember.

Add To An Existing Collection

Handmade Watch Box with watch collection

If your partner already has a watch or two, you may think that they wouldn't want a new addition, but the empty spaces in his men's bedside organiser are a frustrating problem you can help solve. A growing watch collection is a great thing. To have a variety of watches for any occasion is something to be proud of, and grateful to you for helping build.

As we explained earlier, not every watch is ideally suited to every lifestyle. So perhaps you can help bring variety to your partner's collection by adding a different watch to his existing collection like a dedicated sports watch or a smartwatch.

Something To Treasure Forever

If you are looking for that special touch of care for your loved one this Valentine's day, then you should consider a personalised watch. You won't regret or forget the look on their face when they see the craftsmanship of their new luxurious watch and the care you took to get the inscription.

Transform watch boxes are an essential addition to any nightstand to ensure the extended lasting care of their new beloved watch. Please browse our men's  watch box gift guide today or contact us directly to discuss your needs.