In the Spotlight: The Decennium

In the Spotlight: The Decennium

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A high-quality watch box should always protect your watch collection, but finding the right one for you that fits into your personal aesthetic can be pretty tricky and often pricey. However, we at Transform believe you can still find exquisite quality and style for a fair price. So please read our new column about the grandest entry in our whole handmade watch box collection - The Decennium.


Who Should Own The Decennium?

Are you a watch enthusiast? A great watch can be a very personal thing. You carry it with you every day, almost like a companion, to make sure you live your life your way. We at Transform believe that an excellent watch collection is something to take pride in and cherish. That’s why we make the best men’s watch storage boxes you’ll find on the market; whether you own three watches or ten, we have an option for you.
Have you found your bedroom table getting more and more cluttered with all your essential daily items? We all have things like keys, watches, glasses and jewellery that means a lot to us and we want to have them on hand every day. This is where The Decennium can help you out.

Why is The Decennium Superior?

It’s the start of the day, and you want to put on one of your watches from your collection. As you raise the lid, the crisp touch of the silver surrounded by wood creates a sense of excitement about the day before you. This feeling is unique to owning The Decennium.
The Decennium is the perfect solution for those who desire a tidy and organised bedside table. Too often, in the early morning or late night, you can easily misplace your keys or your watch and then have to find them later frantically. In addition, as your collection of valuables grows, your existing space can become cluttered. Taking care of your most valuable items will become a problem also. The less space you have for your valuables, the more likely you’ll chip, damage, or lose them. Like any of our watch boxes, a contained unit can hold everything you value for exactly when you want it.
The Decennium is the finest piece in our collection; explore in more detail its features below.

The Decennium watch box interior

Sleek Black Exterior

Anyone who sees this case will realise this is by no means simply a men’s wooden watch box for storing watches; this is luxury and function combined into an elegant and practical piece of art.
The Decennium has an exterior of pure oak with a black veneer finish applied to it by hand. Additionally, this look has been enhanced with the additional silver chrome accents. The silver chrome and black compliment each other wonderfully, inspiring images of a crisp winters night with frost in the air and stars in the sky. The warmth of the wooden box creates a pleasing contrast with the cool of the silver chrome accents so that the luxury is felt and not just seen.
With the option to safely store ten watches in The Decennium, you’ll not want to hide your collection from yourself. The lid top of the watch box is fitted with a crystal clear glass panel. This lid design not only protects your valuable collection from gathering dust but provides you with a perfect way to showcase your prized possessions.
With its dimensions consisting of 314mm (31.4cm) long, 210mm (21cm) wide and 135mm (13.5cm) tall, this compact unit is the perfect storage for your ten watch collection without taking up a lot of space in your bedroom.

Compact Vegan Leather Interior

When opening the lid, you’re first presented with the upper level, an area consisting of ten individual compartments (in two rows of five). Each handcrafted room carefully cradles your watch as it sits on a plump black cushion. The entire interior is covered in the finest vegan black leather and black veneer. The black interior matches the black oak of the exterior to portray the sense of dignity your collection deserves and is designed to be the perfect men’s watch storage.
Beneath the upper level sits the large twin compartment drawer. This is a fantastic place to store any additional accessory items you have within a shared compartment. This drawer is split into two halves to help separate your accessories however you wish. Even with the compact nature of this watch box, there is enough space in this lower compartment to store any luxury accessories you want, whether it be rings, chains, handkerchiefs or even large items like eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Watch box exterior with reed diffuser and watch

A Stylish Mix of Form and Function

As premier handcraftsmen artisans of our wooden watch boxes in the UK, we at Transform believe you should have high-quality luxury storage for your items at affordable prices. Purchasing The Decennium today will be an investment in your prized watch collection. Whether you have finished or still growing your collection, this box will keep them immaculate for many years to come.
If you have any questions about The Decennium, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are always more than happy to answer any queries you may have and provide you with our expert advice to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Additionally, head over to Our Column, where we post similar articles about our products, company and industry news, and helpful pieces such as gift guides.